BANK ニュー・シングル 発売のお知らせ

【TOO YOUNG RECORDS ’17 夏 リリースインフォメーション】

・その1. BANK ニュー・シングル 発売のお知らせ

東京拠点、渋谷・下北沢のライブシーンを中心に活動するニューウェーブ~ディスコ バンドBANK。
‘15年リリースのアルバム「True Tempo」が米NCのFM 「WXYC」チャート1位を獲得。

7/18* NUBACK とのスプリット・カセット リリース(ライブ会場、TOO YOUNG REC. WEB SHOP販売)
8/2* 配信スタート(iTunes 他、主要なほぼ全ての配信サイト)
9月中旬* EM レコードよりアナログ 7inch シングル リリース
ジャケット・デザイン* wataq

7/17(祝) アンスティチュ・フランセ東京

■ Japanese Band BANK is coming up with two new singles in July 2017

In July 2017 the Japanese band BANK will release two new singles after almost 2 years working on new material and playing live.
BANK experimented for the new singles with minimal and clean sounds, picking up the feeling of the 80’s, New Wave and Post-Punk.

The new singles will be released by digital distribution, by compact cassette both at the beginning of July by Japanese music label TOO YOUNG RECORDS.
The compact cassette contains some tracks of NUBACK as well, who is also releasing on the same label.
In the middle of September 2017 EM Records will also release a 7inch analog version of the Singles.

BANK is a New Wave, a Disco Band based in Tokyo. The creative districts of Japanese capital Shibuya and Shimokitazawa are their playground.
Their Album “True Tempo” was released in 2015 and well received internationally.
Listeners of the FM radio station „WXYC“ in North Carolina voted it on the first place of the station’s Top 10. Over the years BANK built a fanbase in Japan and Overseas.